About Us

Our Philosophy

As attorneys, we understand and honor the humanity of our clients. We are not a machine. You are not a cog in the wheel. Every case receives the individual attention that it deserves. We value the opportunity to build a rapport with you. Additionally, having this depth of client understanding contributes to the ability of our Law Office to properly litigate your case.

Customer Service Philosophy

At the Boone Firm, we make it a point to work with you and to provide transparency and understanding at each step of your process. Law is complicated, but we do not sacrifice your knowledge for the sake of speed. Our cases are about your long-term health and welfare, and therefore you should be front and center for the process. We will work together on getting you the settlement that you deserve.

Use of Technology

The Boone Firm has been at the forefront of finding unique and creative ways to efficiently process your legal rights and claims. To that end, The Boone Firm continues to use electronic signature software to ensure safe social-distancing practices and to increase the efficiency with which we can serve our clients.

Additionally, our client portal ensures ease of processing and communicating while decreasing the amount of paper output. We find that this helps our clients achieve the results they need in an ever-changing and complex legal world. With a decade of legal expertise and cutting-edge software at our Law Firm, our clients rely on us to solve their legal needs.

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